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BILL are an experimental rock band, founded in 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. BILL made history as the first band to include a key member with an intellectual disability, lead singer Bill Gage, who has DS (Down syndrome).

The group's first performance was booked at Chet's Last Call by Bill Gage's brother John, after witnessing various great musicians react positively to Bill's singing. The group was named "BILL" to keep the band-members' focus on Bill Gage's performance. The early BILL shows were all improvised. When more-developed studio recordings were released, live shows incorporated this material.

Various members and players have included Greg Ansin, Paul Desjarlais, Conrad Haberland, David M. Curry, Johny Blood, Jessica Kirton, & Rich Gilbert. The second show in 1987 included Daren Follower, Eric Morin, & John Gage, who remain in the group to this day. Bass-player Gaylen Moore joined in 2007.

Sonic references for BILL have included Pere Ubu, Captain Beefheart, Yoko Ono, and Can, but your kph may vary.

BILL continue to perform around New England whenever they can-- just don't ask them to play your art gallery opening. They are loud.

BILL are a rock band.


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